• Rejuvenate Decking

  • Bring Block Paving Back To Life

Pressure Washing

We offer a very comprehensive pressure washing service in Cornwall to help clean up most hard surfaces. Our variable high pressure washers are mounted in our vehicles with Ecopower boilers and they have cold, hot and steam wash options for great results.

From the vehicle we have a 196ft reach and many different lances and additional equipment to select from for the appropriate job that we need to do. With up to 220 bar of pressure to call on, we can effectively clean most hard surfaces and our vehicles hold their own water tanks for complete portability.

Patios, Paths & Terraces

Many patios, paths and terraces can lose their look very quickly after years of dirt and algae growth build up on them and they can also become very slippery. Our pressure washing service can make hard surfaces look great again and if done regularly, can be much easier to maintain and help prevent accidents from slipping on stubborn algae.


Paved and block paved driveways look excellent once cleaned and they normally recapture their former installed glory. Tarmac drives can also be cleaned on a lower pressure setting although we do not pressure wash damaged or crumbling tarmac drives as even with smallest amount of pressure, it can be very destructive. If we clean block paved drives then we also offer a re-sanding service as well.


Decking with particularly green algal growth can become very slippery and a real hazard, as well as looking unsightly. Depending on whether you have hardwood or softwood decking, we adapt our approach accordingly to get the right finish without damaging the wood. We usually recommend pressure washing decking at regular intervals.

Building Cladding

We have long extending pressure lances and with our adjustable pressure, we can clean tall cladded buildings (industrial units) from the ground and get excellent results.

Trained Staff & Risk Assessments

All our operating staff have undergone industry standard training for high pressure jetting and they have all the necessary personal protective equipment to carry out their work safely.