• ECS Gutter Vacuum extracts - No mess

    We extract debris from gutters using the ECS gutter vacuum.

  • ECS Gutter Vacuum system can reach 42ft +

    We save on expensive access equipment and work safely from the ground and effectively remove your blockages and debris.

  • ECS Gutter Vacuum Wireless Camera

    Our wireless camera checks your gutters before and after each clean.

Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters and down pipes can prove to be a costly problem at your home or business. Damp, water ingress, interior and external building damage as well as algae growth can all be attributed to blocked gutters and resolving these issues will cost you a lot more than the cost of getting your gutters cleaned. A high proportion of insurance claims for flood damage inside houses is due to blocked gutters so regular gutter clearance can save you money.

Our Equipment

ECS has invested in the very latest gutter clearance equipment so that we can clear gutters efficiently and safely from the ground, without the need for expensive access equipment. Our equipment extracts debris from gutters using our purpose built wet and dry vacuum which has two powerful, commercial  motors for maximum suction. The motors pull the debris through our light weight carbon fibre poles and flexible hoses.

On the end of the poles, we have CCTV equipment so that we can then check where the problems are and then that we have cleared the gutters which we normally show our customers by video or photographs! Traditional gutter clearance is undertaken by people on ladders which is not generally a safe working method and indeed it can be hazardous to the operator and indeed customer.

Our Gutter Clearance Process

When we turn up at your home or business, we talk through the problems that you are having with your gutters and adapt the following procedure:

  1. Erect our ECS pole (which extends to 12.8 metres – 42ft) and attach our CCTV camera.
  2. Using the CCTV camera, we locate and then understand the source of any blockages. Many of our customers like to look at these images!
  3. Submit a fixed price quotation.
  4. Clear your gutters and down pipes using our gutter extraction system. (we don’t unblock drains below the ground)
  5. Re-survey with our CCTV camera and share with our customers.
  6. If there is any debris on the building or windows as a result of the gutter clearance then we will wash them down.

Gutter Clearance Prices – Domestic

Providing an exact price for gutter clearance without seeing the job is difficult as there are quite a number of considerations like the overhang of the tiles, the extent of the blockage and so on.

As a guide, we charge a minimum of £100.00 inc VAT which covers most standard sized homes. Surveys in Cornwall are free of charge.

Gutter Clearance Prices – Commercial

For large, commercial jobs we can offer a fixed price. Our survey and quotation in Cornwall is free of charge.

Extraction, No Mess

Extraction pulls the debris from areas that it works on, unlike pressure washing

CCTV for Images & Videos

We see exactly what's in your gutters and where with our unique CCTV system.

No Expensive Access Equipment

We can work up to 12.8 metres from the ground saving you money on access.