• Professional Gutter Clearance

    High reach gutter clearance, 35ft reach, no ladders, wireless cameras to check before & after

  • Algae Control Services

    Control of red, green & black algae on buildings. No pressure washing, saves on expensive redecorating.

  • Pressure Washing Services

    Truck mounted pressure washing, high pressure, hot wash, perfect for patios, driveways, decking and all external hard surfaces.

  • Roof Cleaning - Softwash

    Non agressive removal of moss, algae & lichen growth on roofs.

  • Solar Panel & Window Cleaning

    Specialist solar panel & window cleaning using the latest high reach and pure water systems.

External Cleaning & Algae Removal Services in Cornwall & Devon

ECS provide very comprehensive external cleaning and algae control and removal services for domestic and commercial properties across Cornwall and parts of Devon.

These services include; Algae control services for removing red, black and green algae on buildings, rendered surfaces and structures. Gutter cleaning and clearance without the need for expensive access equipment, using the latest gutter vacuum equipment with a 35ft reach! Moss and lichen removal on roofs by softwashing not power washing. Pressure washing using truck mounted equipment, solar panel cleaning to help keep them efficient and of course, window cleaning using the pole and pure water equipment.

Algae Control

Removing green, red and black algae from buildings - saves redecoration

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Gutter Cleaning

A full gutter clearance and cleaning service using the very latest technology

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Pressure Washing

Truck mounted pressure washing for hot washing and great results

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Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows and solar panels using the latest equipment

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